6A – 17A (1BR / 1BA) - Rented

271 Sea Breeze Avenue Brooklyn USA

1 Bedroom
For Rent
1 Bedrooms
1 Baths
11 ft


Tower Ceiling
Beyond square footage, it is the volume of space that can maximize or limit apartment living. The space of each and every SEA BREEZE TOWER home is optimized with soaring 11-foot ceilings and grandiose 8-foot doors, both coveted features contributing to an enhanced aesthetic and sense of freedom you and your guests will feel upon entering.

Tower Kitchens
Every home at SEA BREEZE TOWER features state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, and kitchens designed by Scavolini, the premier Italian brand renowned globally for its consistent superior design and craftsmanship. Scavolini has symbolized the frontier of form and function in the kitchen for over 50 years. Luxury kitchens are no longer exclusively for homeowners.

Temperature Regulation
Nothing saves money on utility bills like energy efficient planning and design. Every SEA BREEZE TOWER apartment home comes furnished with Mitsubishi ductless split systems, a 40% more energy efficient HVAC system designed to integrate seamlessly into your home layout and decor, enabling you to control the temperature of the each room independently and reduce your energy bill.

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